Lesson 5.5 – Creating rooms and question doors

The task: dividing the house into rooms and creating a question door in one of the rooms

In this lesson we will do the division inside the house, and try to create a door that contains a question.

The division of the house

As in any home, your house will create rooms divided by walls.

Change the texture of the walls to white.

Question door

Open the suitcase. Look for the EDUCATIONAL SURPRIZE BAG folder and drag the component named MULTICHOICE DOOR towards the door space.

Open the creation menu and click on the CONTENT tab where you will find a folder with several items.

We will only work with the GCARD item.

Open the GCARD.

This small file is intended for writing the question that will appear by clicking on the door below.

GCARD Writing

The following lines explain how to write the GCARD  correctly:

In order to understand the GCARD parts correctly, here is an explanation of the question components in the GCARD

Q- Question

Q1 / Q2 / Q3- Possible answers

A- The correct answer

  • In the line that starts with the letter Q we will write the question.
  • In the following lines which start with the letter Q and a number, such as Q1 / Q2 / Q3 we will write down the possible answers.
  • In the line beginning with the letter A we will indicate the correct and incorrect answer. Note that only one answer can be correct. To determine the correct and incorrect answer we will write the digit 1 for the correct answer and the digit 0 for the incorrect answer. It is important to write a comma between the digits.

As shown in the image above, three digits appear in line A.

The order of appearance is according to the order of the answers, for example in the picture above: 0,1,0.

The first digit 0 belongs to the first answer (incorrect), the digit 1 belongs to the second answer (it is correct).

And the end of the last digit is 0 belongs to the third (incorrect) answer.

When finished, press the SAVE button.

Clicking on the door will display a window with a question.

The correct answer must be clicked to open the door.