Lesson 2.1 – How to move in the virtual world

There are several ways to move with the avatar in the world from place to place.

Walk Mode

The avatar can move using the arrows on the keyboard in all directions

In addition the avatar can be led through a movement menu. Located at the bottom of the screen.

Clicking on the icon of the walking man will open a menu that will allow you to navigate the avatar using the mouse buttons.

Move your avatar around the island until you get used to the avatar’s movement, try to reach some buildings, go through doors and passages.

Walk Mode

Run Mode

A double and long press on an arrow while remaining pressed will cause the Avatar to enter to running mode

Another option is through the movement menu and selecting run mode

Flying Mode

In order to be able to fly and rise in the air, press the PgUp-PgDn buttons.

These buttons may appear separately or as part of the number keys, sometimes using the fn button to activate this function.

The fly mode can also be activated by the movement menu and selecting this option.

The up and down arrows will allow you to set the flight altitude Stop Flying key will stop the flight

In any case, lowering the avatar to the ground using the keyboard keys or using the flight arrows will stop the flight.

During the flight, a button will also appear above the Stop Flying chat area that allows you to stop the flight mode


Try to fly around the area, get to know it and land at different points!