Lesson 5.1 – Building a floor, walls and ceiling

Task – building a house with walls and ceiling

In this lesson we will practice the construction skills more and build a house where the avatar can go inside. We will additionally work with scales and apply additional tools learned so far.

Construction of the walls

The construction menu must first be opened. Right click on the ground and press the CREATE button. Then, when the mouse cursor appears as a magic wand, make a cube on the ground.

Press and hold CTRL + SHIFT buttons, and with the mouse increase the cube in height and length to create the first wall of the house.

To create the next walls, follow the steps below


In order to duplicate the wall, press and hold the SHIFT button, and with the arrows, move the wall in the opposite direction of the current wall.

Now duplicate the wall again to create the third and fourth walls.

The third wall should be rotated with a long press on the CTRL button, and then with the help of the arrows move and place the wall in the right place.

The fourth wall must also be rotated and placed opposite the previous wall to create the structure of the house.

It is now necessary to create an opening for the avatar to enter.

Using the CTR + SHIFT buttons, reduce the last wall

(it is recommended to work in front of it),

and then we will duplicate it and thus create two smaller walls with an opening between them.

Extend the walls as you wish.

To create the lintel, duplicate one of the small walls with a long press on the SHIFT button and drag the wall to the middle, then adjust the size to create the lintel with the CTRL + SHIFT buttons.

Build the roof and floor

Open the create menu, and when you see a magic wand icon, create a new cube in the center of the house.

Expand the cube according to the walls using the CTRL + SHIFT buttons.

Open the creation menu again and create a pyramid

Using the CTRL + SHIFT buttons, expand the pyramid to fit the walls.

In the next lesson we will add the textures to the walls, floor and ceiling of the house.